Women of the Indian Freedom Struggle and Indian Ethnic Wear over the Ages

Indian fashion has been constantly evolving since the beginning of time, however, the most significant changes that took place in Indian women’s fashion was during the Indian struggle for freedom.

Indian Fashion Evolution

This is when the dynamic styles of Indian ethnic wear became not just about regional identity, but also about national representation.

From the beautiful khadi sarees worn by Mahadevi Verma, to the Nivi sarees seen on Sarojini Naidu, Indian ethnic wear was represented beautifully by female freedom fighters from every part of our country. These icons inspired thousands of other women from all over India to join the Indian freedom struggle, and they did it while looking extremely elegant.

 Though after the independence, Indian fashion saw more and more of western influences, the intricate work of Indian artisans is unmatched by any western attire. During the '90s through influences from Bollywood, the Salwar Kameez became the attire of the modern Indian woman due to its comfort and dynamism.

Today, every Indian woman that puts on an ethnic outfit represents the triumph of India over imperialism and is a vision of everything our country stands for. 

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