The Angrakha Style: Timeless Elegance

The Angrakha Style: Timeless Elegance

The thing about fashion is that the parts that you start to miss will soon come back- perhaps in the form of new silhouettes, exotic patterns, and intriguing styles, but the essence remains the same. More often than not, contemporary fashion is a revived version of the style deeply rooted in and inspired by the history. Interestingly, trends inspired from the past are most widely accepted and comfortable.


One such style, that has endured the ravages of time, is the versatile- Angrakha style. In terms of ethnic wear, Angrakha is a type of garment that can be worn by both genders and can be differentiated using its accompaniment. Historically, women would pair this with long lehenga skirts or Churidar along with a dupatta around their head.


Fast forward to now, Angrakha is an ethnic silheoutte that has an asymmetric opening, knotted or secured by either thread ties or loops. The Angrakha is an extremely versatile garment that has been innovated and integrated with Indian ethnic wear as a style of kurta and can be worn with any type of bottoms such as a churidar or a salwar. This type of garment originates from Rajasthan and is a widely popular choice of attire not just in that state but in other parts of the country as well.

 This style can be worn for special occasions, as a long Angrakha cut floor length dress or suit, and as a kurta with pants or palazzos for daily wear. 

Angrakha kurtas are of course very popular in women’s Indian ethnic wear. It is also a style that is being brought back onto the ramp by Indian designers. 

Asymmetric cuts are considered to be a part of contemporary design; however, they have been a key element in Angrakha since ages. Indian designers are known to incorporate the Angrakha with different styles of bottoms and accessories to create unique looks for women. 

Our collection of Angrakha kurtis and kurta sets are all about incorporating timeless elegance into modern styling. The asymmetric cut and knot-tie gave us the inspiration to experiment with combining complimentary prints in the designs. Our Angrakha collection is

unique because of its asymmetry, which is highlighted by the piping or appliqué work done especially along the edges. 

Our angrakha collection is sourced from block printing units in Rajasthan, straight from craftsmen’s addas. They are stitched to perfection using state-of-the-art CAD technology to ensure tailor-made fittings in all sizes. Add a little bit of history to your modern wardrobe. Shop for these looks today!


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